I read this easy children’s missionary biography to keep up with reading one book a month. (I actually read 2-3 books at one time, switching back and forth when I get bored with one.)

I had not heard of Grenfell. He is a contemporary of Hudson Taylor in the early 1900’s. Those were the golden years of missionaries being sent from England.

God used Grenfell’s love for the outdoors and for adventure to go to the remote coast of Greenland to reach fishermen. It reminds of a post I read that it takes a bit of an adventure spirit to do cross cultural work.

He married a woman 20 years younger than him when he was in his 40’s. But she died of stomach cancer in her 40’s, and he outlived her to 75.

Under Grenfell’s leadership, many social and economic changes were made to better the lives of fishermen. It’s encouraging to know the influence we can have to help an entire society if we are committed to God’s work.

He was asked by D. L. Moody if he regrets not making a lot money as a doctor. The answer was of course no. There is no greater joy than using his skills as a doctor to lead people to Christ.

I’ve read quite a few of these children’s missionary biographies published by YWAM. They are very inspirational, and of course fast reading.

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