I like baskets, glass jars, and craft material. You never know when you need those.

Actually I don’t really use baskets that much but I can’t explain why I like them. My husband says they take up too much room in the garage. It’s true. I’ve held back on getting more. I haven’t gotten a new basket for a long time. I saw a nice one at a thrift store for only $4! I talked myself out of it; there was a slight imperfection though the quality is good. Whenever I go to a thrift store, I always check out baskets. Never buy new. I need to give away the ones I don’t love so I can be guilt-free to buy more!

Some people like mugs, I don’t care to collect them. So that’s how I justify my collection.

We’ve been watching Tiny Homes on Netflix. When I declutter, I pretend I’m going to move into a tiny home. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of enough to do that. Baskets, glass jars, and craft materials, and oh books also, will take up the entire tiny home.

God gave me the inspiration I need to give the message in Awana tomorrow. I’m excited now to finish writing it up.

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