I don’t like it when something is not done efficiently. I get impatient with people like that.

I am impatient with extra slow clerks, or when my husband doesn’t run a yellow light.

I don’t like it when I am not efficient.

Maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to sit down to read. I am such a slow reader, I’m so inefficient. I’ll just go do something where I feel some sense of accomplishment.

I am very impress with high production people.

I wonder if there’s a core issue that I should deal with. I remember my father was an impatient man who had to work efficiently in running a busy restaurant. He told us to never take one dish to the kitchen to be washed; always bring as many dishes as you can to save making extra trips. Always fill both hands. I find myself using this principle when I am cleaning the house.

I am trying to let go of this idol by thinking of something else when driving other than which lane is faster, and not giving an impatient glare at the slow clerk at Vons.

I have to consciously fight this impatience of inefficiency. There are many things at church that are inefficient and I don’t want to be critical of the church. I am the problem too, I am inefficient. Look how long it’s taking me to get a soft pad for the preschoolers play area!


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