This was a fast read, only 56 pages of content, and another 50+ pages of resources and outlines.

I borrowed this book from AL after reading his book review. After reading this book, I am motivated to read the Bible with someone. I’ll pray that God will bring someone to me.

I wish I could be back in Taiwan to read the Bible with some of the students we met using the methods given in this book. I am less confident of someone who would be interested here. But the book says that a survey showed that 61% of twenty-something said yes if a friend asked to them to study the Bible with them (p.15). Maybe I need to start asking.

I loved the author’s account of his experience of how a friend came to Christ after a year of studying the Bible with him. I do believe that should be how evangelism should work. And it’s not that hard because God speaks for himself. I don’t have to have clever words. It’s much easier than preparing a Sunday School lesson. Maybe all Sunday classes should just be reading the Bible together and discuss it using the methods outlined in the book.

I am also inspired to study Romans.

In keeping with reading a book a month, this counts as my as September book. I’m a week behind.

2 Responses to “One To One Bible Reading by David Helm”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I’m glad you found the book motivating! Will follow up in person on your plan to read with someone.

  2. Joyful Says: