Our life consists of what we do. The sum total of our life is what we do with our time.

That doesn’t mean we must be busy to have a meaningful life. How we spend our time is hopefully intentional, or at least somewhat intentionally meaningful towards what you want your life to be.

I’ve not been intentional with my time in a day to day way. I know what I want out of life in general, but what I do day to day does not always contribute to that. I think that’s how people generally live life. By God’s grace and sovereign hand, I’ve had a really good life with everything I’ve always wanted.

Yesterday was full of activities. Deacons meeting in the morning, came home for lunch, then on to my son and daughter-in-law’s baby shower. I’ve spent the last week making 6 small diaper cakes for centerpieces. Did last minute cake toppers which I thought turned out really well…but I don’t think anyone noticed them!

Then our fam went out to dinner. Thought I was going to go home to read and relax after that. But one of my favorite young couples gave birth to their first baby girl. This was quite a miracle baby, so we went after dinner to see them and their 5 hour old little girl. It was such a precious time. Got to the hospital at 9pm. When we came home, it was time for bed, get ready for church the next day.

Today, Sunday, I thought I would skip an optional meeting and leave church early. But as usual I hung around to talk to people. Ate lunch at 1:30pm, then went to meet up with a friend to pray together, particularly for my upcoming STM. She is a wonderful prayer partner.

Restuffed my pillow – been wanting to do that for the last month, dinner, wash dishes, and the day is over!

The weekend was full of activities. Is my life meaningful? Did everything I do contribute to a meaningful life? I am not sure, but there’s nothing that I would cut out if I had to do it over again…well, maybe cut out 1/2 of the deacon’s meeting would’ve been nice. I am quite satisfied with my life.

I am nervous about going to Taiwan STM. If it was a vacation I would still be nervous. The details – did I forget anything, etc. weighs on my heart. But then I remind myself – I don’t have to worry, my husband takes care of everything. My God is in control. And it’s my 4th time there. Taiwan is not in the jungles. Whatever I need I can buy there. Cheaper too. And a friend at church will be there at the same time and offered to take us around. I have only 1.5 days of free time, so maybe I can see her on that .5 day.



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