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I feel so useful when people ask me for things. This morning, I got a request for popsicle sticks by the 7th/8th grade SS teacher, and hula hoops for International Students Ministry. Last Sunday, someone wanted to borrow a few nursery toys as props for filming a segment on abortion for a Chinese Christian Youtube channel.

If I wasn’t here, who would they ask? Who knows these things besides me? I think the Children’s Director position knows more about people and things at church more than anyone. I work with people across all ages and congregations. I know where supplies are.


Had a bad dream last night where I missed out on something fun with my siblings because I couldn’t find them in the mall. I felt very frustrated. Woke up really anxious. I get this way before traveling anywhere. I’ll be going to Taiwan STM next week, so that explains it.

Evening run to Costco and Trader Joe’s to buy gifts for Taiwan friends. It’s the first time I’m bringing gifts for more than the Pastor. I guess it means I’ve built up relationships with more people over the last 4 years of going there.

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