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Sunday – The sermon today described a passion as something you are willing to suffer for. To love God and people passionately is not like a hobby – something you enjoy. To love God passionately means we give up other things – idols – in order to pursue Him.

I am constantly fighting idols that get in the way of pursuing God with passion. I want the power of the resurrection, but I know little of the fellowship of his suffering.


Sunday fun: got to attend worship service the entire time from beginning to end! And I was able to concentrate, focused on God during singing (easier since they sang the hymns I like and the strings were good), engaged with the sermon that inspired me to love God.

Then members reception. It’s a joy to see people committing to God and His church. Especially enjoyable that I get to show up without an assignment.

Christine’s bridal shower, and immediately on to Joe’s 60th birthday. I told him I chose his party over a 1-year-old’s party because we don’t know how many more he has left hahaha!


Monday – Celebrated Amy’s birthday today with dinner in Irvine! Fun times. As they say, the days are slow when they are growing up, but the years are fast. Nowadays even the days are fast.

I was hoping to get more done today on my day off. Didn’t get to read or spend more time in prayer. I did make the diaper cake that I’ve been looking forward to doing. Two trips to Michaels to get the ribbon. Nice lady told me I can use the coupon more than once, which really helped.

On being distracted to something else instead of reading the Word – “I go into the other activity with the firm resolve that I will somehow spend time with the Lord, which is the most important thing I do each day.” (Jesus Driven Ministry by Ajith Fernando)  – I make this resolve.

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