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I learn a lot by other’s example and how they handle situations. Those are great sources of wisdom.

At Awana last night a parent got very angry and left in a huff. It was nothing we did; she seemed to have come in with a chip on her shoulder. I wasn’t there when it happened, but if I were, I imagined I would’ve been happy to let her go. We have a waiting list of kids who want to join Awana, and if she is going to make trouble, we don’t need her! That would be my flesh speaking.

But RT handled it in a much more God honoring way. She went after this woman, was waved off by the woman that she doesn’t want to talk to her. Then RT chased the woman to her car while she was driving off. RT sought understanding and do as much as possible on her end to show love to this woman.

After a short conversation, the woman drove off. The rest is up to God.

I believe God was pleased with the way RT handled that situation, much more than what I would’ve done!

I learn from RT’s example to have more passion for God’s honor. Do our utmost to defend His Church. Don’t let Satan have an opportunity to give God a bad name. Even when it’s not something we did, we must take it upon ourselves to make every effort to turn negative impressions of the Church to the love of Christ┬áseen in us. This is a practical application of being the embodiment of the Christ himself.


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