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Talked to parents of 2 special needs kids, one through a translator and our JOG coordinator, the other speaks English.

Neither are Christians, they just know that church is a “good” place for their kids. They think of church as a social environment with good people to help their children socialize.

I am glad Christians still have a good reputation among unbelievers. But I made a point to tell the parents that the teachers are all volunteers, not professionals, here to teach their children about God. That allows the parents to attend worship service to learn about God.

The parents of one of them said while they are Mandarin speaking (heavy accent though no problem communicating with me) they prefer attending the English service. The Chinese Bible is very hard to understand. The dad said, the Bible is different from ordinary English (which I agree); the Chinese Bible is even harder than that.

The parent of the other special needs child asked if there was a fee for her child to come to Sunday School.

I don’t remember what it’s like to go to church for the first time and know nothing about church. Maybe a little like when I visited a mosque.


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