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I scored my first senior discount yesterday.

Mike and I went on an overnight getaway to Big Bear Lake. Since we haven’t been to Sizzlers in decades, we decided to be nostalgic and have dinner there. And as I said in a previous post, cashiers never offer me the senior discount. Sure I am slightly flattered, only slightly because I want to get the discount! So I asked how old I have to be to get the senior discount – she answered 60. I qualify. She was shocked. I got a free salad and drink 🙂

I asked for the discount for the chair lift ride at Snow Summit. Unfortunately the age was 65. Didn’t score that one.

I decided being out in the open in nature helps me destress. Walking or some other activity also relaxes me. The thought of sitting in my office is stressing me already. Maybe I’ll try taking my laptop somewhere else to work. I actually like my office with a tall window so maybe I just have to take more breaks.

I also decided if I go to Big Bear again I will take the long way that is less winding. I felt car sick on the way up.

I thank God for my husband who is not particular about where we go or what we do. He’s easily satisfied and happy anywhere.

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