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Continuing our food tour:

Koko Head Cafe. Recommended by Johnson who did not get to go when he was in Hawaii but wish he did. They are known for their french style creamy eggs and fusion everything. I like Hawaii for it’s cultural diversity, and Asian food is not “Asian food”, it’s just food. This brunch place serves fried rice with chinese sausage and chinese roast pork. I had pork belly and my husband had Korean fried chicken, all served in a skillet with rice with the burnt crust. And white people are eating that. (I substituted rice for salad). They also serve french toast, pancakes, etc. Fusion is not even a thing in Hawaii, it’s just normal.

O’Kim’s. Chinese fusion again. Located in the Chinatown area, a little sketchy, no one really walks around here at night, not like Waikiki. Their touches of aioli and dressing were really good on my salmon. My husband had duck confit. I usually order for him so I can have a taste of what I want to eat. He eats anything and everything. I wish I can be like him.

Garlic shrimp truck. After our first snorkeling experience in Shark’s Cove, we asked surfer guys where to eat. He pointed across the street with several food trucks and said the garlic shrimp is not bad. It’s garlic shrimp with the shell on with white rice. Again, so Asian even though it’s not an “Asian” food truck. Later we found out garlic shrimp food trucks is well known in the North Shore.

On my list was Fumi’s garlic shrimp. When we found that later in the day, my husband didn’t want the garlic shrimp again the same day even though that’s what they’re famous for…he ordered tempera shrimp! He always chooses fried foods if I don’t stop him. This time I wasn’t there to stop him because I was looking at the pond where they grow the shrimp.


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