Delicious corn beef for dinner, so good! I look forward to this every year. Bought a second corn beef for later so I don’t have to wait for next March 17th for another delicious meal.

Another case of me not being a good planner with no mind for details: I planned a training for this Saturday many months ago. The most important part was getting the speaker and get the publicity going. I got that. Thought I was done. Then now, 4 days before the event, I haven’t arranged for the recording, I didn’t ask people to help with setting up the room, I haven’t thought of getting snacks, I didn’t ask for sign ups (I figured people can just come, but then I don’t know how much snacks to buy), I’m scrambling for childcare (though this is optional, it would be a nice service to those with babies). I want a team of people who would love to do this stuff. I promise, I’ll have that team ready for training set for next month! Keeping my fingers crossed that God will provide them.

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