An ADHD child today at church was a challenge. I have zero experience with special needs children.

In high school I considered being a Special Ed teacher. But after visiting a SPED school, I couldn’t handle facing their disabilities. It was too depressing.

At church now as God brings us a few children with special needs, I still don’t know the proper way to help them. My only concern with the boy with ADHD was to keep him safe, keep him from running out of the room, which was an impossible task. We are not professionals and we do not know how to handle him.  He doesn’t respond to reason, to authority, or any kind of urging. His mother did not know what to do either. There is only one way to help, that is to pray. I haven’t prayed enough for the children. I need more people to pray for the children.

When people ask me what help I need in Children Ministry, I used to say we need more Awana Leaders, or nursery helpers. Now I say I need people to pray. But people don’t take me seriously. They expect to help in a “practical” way. That’s how American Christians think. In Taiwan, Christians seem to take prayer more seriously.

Young married couples fellowship today was encouraging. I thank God for their encouragement to me even though I am suppose to be the mentor.

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