Since my daughter is in Orlando for the Ligonier Conference, I decided to listen to some of it on FB Live. The theme is Holiness.  This stood out:

God does not bless great talent so much as Christlikeness.

A holy believer is an awesome weapon in the hand of God. Regardless of your IQ.

God chooses to use holy vessels.

We SAY we believe in this, but we don’t really make leadership decisions based on this. We follow the ways of the world.

We look for talent, abilities, charisma. I am impatient with incompetent people. I am angry at my own incompetence. I wish I was more talented and smarter.

I should instead work on my holiness, not only my effectiveness.

Finished all my Perspectives reading today. And finished preparing for Awana message for tomorrow. Urgent tasks done, now I can work on ongoing projects.

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