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Sometimes weekend doesn’t seem like “weekend” to me. My “weekend” day off is Monday.

But yesterday, Saturday, finally felt like a weekend. I made some paleo nut bars that I’ve been wanting to make. I took a walk to relax. Then my family met up for dinner. We don’t eat out much so going out to eat always feels like a “weekend”, it’s something special. Even though I did a bit of “work” to prepare for Sunday, it didn’t feel demanding.

Today, Sunday, was a fun day too. I didn’t have to teach. I mean, teaching is fun too, but it is a bit of stress with my attention entirely focused. A day of no teaching is sort of a day off. I caught up with people. The Ministry Fair was no stress. I like events where I am not involved in the planning; I can merely show up and do my part. Everything for the Ministry Fair was all set up nicely for me. I didn’t even have to make a sign. I just show up and talk to people, which is my greatest joy and easy for me.

The thing I do miss is worship. I used to attend evening service at another church. But I haven’t done so since my sabbatical. I also have Perspectives class which makes it impossible to go to evening service. It’s also winter where I am not motivated to go out at night.

Perspectives class is my source of learning and edification right now. Today’s lesson was again both convicting and enjoyable. A few quotes that spoke to me:

Don’t let the enemy stop you. Say no to his lies.

Say yes to God, and put one foot in front of the other.


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