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I listened to a coaching podcast advising people to take small steps towards a goal. The feeling of a small win would encourage us to keep moving forward. The example of the host was to exercise. Instead of getting discouraged and mad at herself that she’s not exercising, she started with just setting her running shoes out every morning. That was doable and it felt good. Then she got up half an hour earlier every morning. Another pat on the back. Pretty soon, since she was up anyway, she started putting the shoes on and going outside.. Six months later she ran a half-marathon!

So my first step today towards cleaning up my home office: I got out an empty box, to be used to put stuff that I don’t want.Then I took an old Uno Attack game, emptied the old batteries, and put it in the giveaway pile. ¬†I’m happy I did that.¬†Whenever I look at my messy office I don’t know what to do. Now I can just take a step at a time. Cleaning up and dealing with details is not my thing. But I want to simplify my life of clutter, so I must take steps forward. I even threw away some photos today that do not spark joy. So instead of being disgusted at myself for not cleaning up the office, I pat myself on the back for taking a step.

My husband got what he wanted from Costco today – ice cream bars. I got what I wanted – crispy coconut rolls. I know, there’s sugar in it that I’ve cut out of my diet, but these are worth it.

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