In Children’s Worship today:
Me: Jesus knew he would one day go back to heaven. He needed to choose disciples who would continue to do his work. What kind of person should he choose?
3rd grade boy: Me!

Perspectives class was great. The speaker did a first person of Hudson Taylor, my hero. Went out to dinner with the group afterwards. I went strictly for the company and definitely not for the food because I would never choose to go to Souplantation. I eat keto and there’s nothing I can eat there. I will probably suffer some digestive symptoms tomorrow. Fortunately I had a big shabu shabu lunch with a good amount of meat.

A parent asked me to have lunch with her today to give her advice for her teenage daughter. Throughout the lunch I was praying for wisdom. I don’t want to give my own opinions and I don’t want to give bad advice. I thank God that more than once in our conversation, I felt God gave me the words to say.

Just got an email from a Sunday School teacher with a problem I need to solve before next Sunday! I’m not going to think about it and get rest tomorrow my day off.

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