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If I was not a Christian, I would miss out on the life of the church. The church is a big part of a Christian’s life. Church should not be the only thing in a Christian’s life, but it is a big part. Church may look different in different cultures, but the love and unity would be the same.

I am blessed to be a part of our church community where we experience love and unity, This is especially evident in our young married couples group where we serve as mentors. The couples are so loving, open, and fun. They mentor me as much as I mentor them. We met today and it was very encouraging.

We only got 45 minutes of Perspectives class today because we had to leave for the group. I want to read my homework, but my mind is full. I think taking a shower and having some quiet time with God would be a good way to end this joyful day of Sabbath.


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