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I’m not good with details. I don’t like to plan things. I used to do ok with it, but now I get stressed out planning things.

But I want to invite people to my house, I want to be hospitable because the Bible says so. It’s a way invite people in to build relationship and a better environment for conversation than a restaurant.

I invited a few people over for dinner after Perspectives class tonight. I decided dinner doesn’t have to be fancy, my house doesn’t have to be perfect, my plates and cups don’t have to match. That’s just pride for me if those externals look great. I don’t want my deficiency in details hinder me from exercising hospitality.

We had great sharing, telling each other what God has done and is doing in our lives. And that’s all that matters.

I was able to attend worship service today and left it to the very wonderful volunteers to run Children Worship. It is still hard for me to focus because I’m looking around to see who is there, who I need to talk to, thinking about what I need to do after. I’m working on getting back to the heart of worship – it’s all about Jesus.

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