Woke up really tired, but an answered prayer that I didn’t have any weird dreams as I did the past several days. But I missed 8:30am prayer, thinking it would be wise to just rest a bit longer. When I got to church, I saw a surprise present in my office with a note – “OPEN THIS NOW”. It was a pair of gloves with touch screen fingers, just what I wanted! A few weeks ago Lily and I had talked about how our hands always get cold, and she was wearing a pair of those gloves. I am so touched by this gift of love from her!

Children Worship was great. It was a good thing I wasn’t scheduled to speak because I didn’t feel 100%. And Casey’s message was very good.

3rd grade Andrew: do your birds fight?

me: no, they are love birds, they love each other.

A: When they get close together they form a heart shape!

He’s so cute!

I brought my own lunch of salmon and zucchini, my favorite things now that I’m eating low carb.

Perspectives class was great. Main takeaway – Jesus ushered in God’s Kingdom on earth, and we are to advance his kingdom rule to the ends of the world.

Dinner with JH and her bf was great. I was suppose to grill him. I asked a lot of questions, but was afraid to get too personal since this was my first time meeting him. But at the end when I asked how I can pray for him, his requests were quite personal. Now I wish I asked more personal questions.

My vocabulary is rather limited – great seems to be only word I know that rightly describe everything about today.

It was a great day.


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