It was cold, rainy, windy today. It’s not -30C like in Chicago or -50C in Minnesota, but it’s pretty bad for us in SoCal. Why would I go out there, go to church on a Saturday, and stand outside (fortunately under cover) for a few hours?

Because of love, and because it’s a joy. It seemed like a sacrifice, but it’s not a sacrifice.

We scheduled the Awana Grand Prix car woodworking workshop, rain or shine because fortunately our church just installed water-tight covers in the outside patio area. I didn’t have to go, no one was expecting me to go. But I had planned on going. I felt it was my “job”. I want to keep ears to the ground and put my nose in grindstone whenever I can. But in this weather, do I really have to go? It’s not in my job description.

Yes. I wanted to go because I wanted to give my support for the guys who will be there. They will be there early, stay till then end, and then clean up the mess. I can do no less than to go give them my support. And as with everything you do for God, God gives back to you a hundredfold. It was fun to hang out with the people, see a few of the kids come with their parents to work on their car. Had a few good conversations. Church is a family, a community united by oneness in Christ. It is not an organization. I am privileged to be a part of it.

Also privileged to attend the wedding of Julia and Jonathan. I knew of Julia’s parent’s concern for her and have prayed for God to bring Julia a life partner. Today I saw the answer to those prayers. Though I do not know the couple that well, it was a joy to be a part of the church family and see God at work. Rushed out the door to get to the wedding since I was at church and was slowed down by the rain. We were 2 minutes late, but the ceremony started 45 minutes past the time stated on the invite. So I talked to a young man seated next to me while we waited those 45 minutes. I saw him reading the Bible app, asked what he was reading. His men’s group is memorizing 1John together, and he was working on it. What an inspiration. I told him they should start with 3John haha 🙂

Came back and finished my Perspectives homework. It’s hard to keep up with all the reading but I’ve been learning a lot. Looking forward to tomorrow’s class.

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