This is my post for Friday, 2/1/2019.

Highlights –

Finished scripting, recording and sending out my annual new year update to all who serve in Children Ministry.

Bought fried chicken at 168 Market to have lunch with my friend Janis. We’ve known each other since junior high, she’s my oldest friend. The chicken was good and the fellowship was good. She is an inspiration to me not because she did anything great according to the world’s valuation. She inspires me with her courage and faith after her husband die suddenly of a heart attack about 6 years ago. We are the same age…giving me pause to think that can easily happen to me. Seeing her go through this and coming out of it ready to remarry reminded me that it’s not my our own strength, but by God’s strength alone that we live each day. However, I don’t know if I would want to remarry if I were to be single again. But that’s what Elizabeth Elliot said too, and she married 2 more times after being widowed again after Jim Elliot.

I think this is the record of staying late at church after Awana – I left church at 11pm! Amy and I drove together to church, so while she’s talking to her friends, I started catching up with JH. Hanging out with the young people late at church reminded me of how I used to do that too. Church is great. Grateful to be a part of it.

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