I’ve not felt this emotional watching an ultrasound of a baby before today.

When ultrasounds were taken when my children were in utero, it was quite matter of fact. I already felt the baby, so listening to the heartbeat from the ultrasound was not a surprise. It was amazing but I don’t remember it being emotional.

But today was different.

I went with a friend to an urgent care appointment because she was experiencing signs of a possible miscarriage. She was early in the pregnancy, so the probability of miscarriage was higher. We didn’t know if we would hear a heartbeat. When the doctor started the ultrasound, we held each other’s hands, praying for God’s will be done.

When we heard the heart beat, nice and loud and even, I burst out crying! We saw a shadow of the baby, the measurements of the size matched the estimated weeks of pregnancy. Feeling so thankful to God for his mercy, for his awesome creative powers, for giving us joy though we deserve nothing.

Amy and I went to our favorite place – Goodwill! Came away with a book and some Christmas gift tags. We also had a good time at Brea Mall and Trader Joe’s.

PTL for a satisfying day.

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