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Sunday is usually a good day. Usually tiring, usually satisfying. Today was one of those. It was a good Sunday.

Preached in Children Worship on praying for our leaders, going against the grain of complaining about our government leaders.

Good convos with random people, one in particular. Gave her some advice about her daughter that I will follow up on.

Perspectives 2nd class. This class was more typical of what I expected – more academic, less heart engagement than last week. The best part for me was the prayer exercises at the beginning. Also great to meet people from other churches. Also someone made really good carrot cake for snack.

Had J and L and Joe and Denise over for dinner. Great sharing. Deep sharing is what I enjoy most about Christian community. When I am useful to people on a personal level, then I feel useful for God’s purposes. I don’t feel that way if I’m useful in admin or tasks.

Have a problem with someone I have to tackle next Sunday. Not my favorite thing to do. Will be praying that God smooth the path and make it a growing experience for both of us. May God use me to bring unity, not break relationship when I have to correct this person.

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