Thankful for time spent with my kids! So very thankful to God that my kids walk with God and sincerely seek him. I wish I can take credit for that, but it is in spite of me that my kids are good kids. I am but a sinner. It is all His grace.

Started the day meeting Elliot and Nancy at the farmer’s market at Mariner’s Church. I am so impressed with how the church opens their grounds for the community. Families come out and kids are playing on the church’s children’s playground. I don’t know of any Chinese church that generously invites the community to use the church property this way. Mariner’s church even have a couple of little trains offering free rides for the kids. I love it!

A quick glance through their community thrift store yield no treasures. Also didn’t have much time. Was anxious to get on to the picnic.

Elliot and Nancy planned an early lunch picnic for my birthday – complete with cutting board, knife, chopsticks, wasabi, artisanal soy sauce, ginger – and buying fresh sashimi at the farmer’s market. First ever sashimi picnic – with salmon, tuna, and HUGE scallops.

At the farmer’s market I also bought grass fed beef bones – $7/lb. I know it’s a splurge for bone broth. I know you can get steak at that price.

Came back for Eugenia’s baby shower. Notable are games of all worksheets – unscramble baby words, completing nursery rhymes, naming kids in TV shows, matching animal baby terms with its parent (puggles is the baby of a platypus). It was great seeing old friends.

Then dinner with Audrey and Danny at home with roast duck, roast pig, roast pork, and sashimi and seared HUGE fresh scallopsĀ that I bought at the farmer’s market. Great conversation and ended with King’s Hawaiian cake – flavors Lime, Passion Fruit, Guava.

Day ended with doing a face mask.

I shall enjoy rereading the birthday cards I received from my kids. I always tell them I want them to write at least one paragraph in the cards they give me. No other gifts necessary. They still gave me gifts though, exactly stuff that I needed.

A full and happy day!

2 Responses to “Birthday celebrations”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Wow what a wonderful day you had!!

  2. Joyful Says:

    wonderful days are a gift!