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I’ve heard stories of adult siblings who do not get along, I’m blessed I’m not in one of those families. My siblings and I met up for lunch today, we had a great time chatting. I turned my brother on to Facebook marketplace. He’s been buying/selling on Offer Up. KonMari inspires us to sell, but then once you’re on the site, you are tempted to buy it all back! Well, my brother has not heard of “spark joy”. Which rock has he been hiding under haha!

We went to Mimi’s  – with coupons of course. In the old days, I would eat those warm, fresh, soft, delicious giant muffins! But on my sort of LCHF (low carb high fat) way of eating now, I had one bite. It was brutal to see its deliciousness in front of me and not eat it. I survived. I’ve been feeling the effects of a bit more sugar lately. My throat feels it first with burning. Enough sugar for the week.

Enjoyed the rest of my usual Costco date with hubby. We almost always end up with something we want to try. Today we bought guacamole salsa because a hispanic woman grabbed a pack and said it was “really, really good.” Figured she knows what she’s talking about. And the cashier said it was really good with salmon, and that’s what we had for dinner tonight. It was…good…maybe I was expecting more based on the recommendations.

Discovered an India market in Diamond Bar. Stopped by ACE Hardware to buy bird seeds on sale. How can a small hardware store compete with Home Depot?? It was dark, it wasn’t attractive, there was nothing to catch my attention, there were no signs indicating the departments, there was nothing out in the garden area except manure and bird seed. I believe in small businesses but honestly I would rather go to Home Depot. We got our bird seeds and left.

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