A couple more reflections from yesterday:

Nancy C’s MIL has cancer that has metastasized. While she is elderly and ready to be with Jesus, Nancy says she has a good attitude, goes about doing as much as she can, not worrying about her cancer. I told Nancy that in her shoes I would be a basket case. But Nancy reminded me that it’s God’s grace that she has peace. Yes, if it’s God’s will that I suffer, I can have confidence in his promise that his grace is sufficient for me. That has been true of my past and that will be true for my present and for my future. Why do I fear?

Able to pray with Doris C at prayer meeting was a blessing. So blessed to be prayed for by the church.

Mariners Church in Irvine is a great place to do work. People go to Starbucks and other hip coffee or boba places to work, but the best is a church with a cafe. I got a lot done, and will definitely work more often away from the office. Being in a different place opens your mind, it’s hard to explain why that works, but it does. EVFree Fullerton also has a nice work space though their cafe doesn’t serve good food.

Dinner with my son and DIL in Irvine since we were in the area. While it was nice to chat, I find it easier to get personal with young couples at church than with them. Of course it’s a different relationship. But isn’t it ironic that the people you are closest to can’t share personal things? Is it more embarrassing? I don’t know how to analyze this one. I wish I can talk to them about their marriage in a similar way I talk to the couples we mentor who are the same age as them.


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