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Do you get that awkwardness when you don’t quite know how to end a meet up with someone?

I met up with PN today, had a great time catching up, and after almost 2 hours, we probably both felt it was time to go. We were in my office, and I thought it might look rude if I stand and open the door, which implies I want her to leave. I didn’t want her to think I’m kicking her out in case she had more to talk about.  Now the Christian thing to do is to close in prayer. I resist that because I felt my heart wasn’t about praying to God but using it as a signal. Does that make sense? Of course it could’ve been both, a true honest prayer and an ending to our time together. But I felt like I would “use” prayer as a show of pious act when all along in our conversation we didn’t mention prayer. Well, I did say one time during our conversation that I’d pray for her about the thing she was talking about. And why don’t we ever pray during conversations and only pray at the end? That bothers me about meetings too. Praying at the end of the meeting signals the end more than truly asking God to act. Why don’t we pray in the middle of meetings and during discussions to ask God to direct us? Why just at the beginning and the end? I have only one friend who prays during talking, and I love praying and talking to her.

I think next time I will signal ending by saying “Is there anything else we haven’t covered?” I usually use that line but today I forgot.

Feeling very full, digestion bothering me a bit. My mostly keto diet is mostly working for me but sometimes I still have problems.

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