When I think of Awana nights, I am reluctant because I have to rush dinner (I eat slow) to get to church early. But once I’m there, I love it. By the end of the evening, I am so energized and don’t want to leave.

Tonight, a parent asked how her son is doing. She is concerned for his spiritual growth. She takes him with her to BSF, just started in Awana, very regular in coming to SS and worship. I wish more parents have her concern. Her 4th grade son is a typical active boy, complains he has to sit too long. I don’t blame him for saying that. Mom says he likes their previous church because they always have snacks and spend a lot of time eating. We don’t serve any snacks…

In the morning, the mommy and me fellowship was encouraging. Had good conversation with ML and LM, insight into their needs and how to pray for them. Young moms have struggles, but good kind of struggle. It doesn’t seem good at the time, I’ve been there. Parenting is a significant tool God uses to shape and sanctify us. How else would we be tested in our unconditional and sacrificial love? Parenting is the only thing in life that we willingly submit ourselves to and can’t get out of, and God will not make it easy so that we can grow through it. I am convinced that he can’t grow us any other way. Anything other means we would just quit when the going gets hard. That’s me. But I couldn’t stop being a parent.

Slept at midnight, too much energy after Awana, so this is posted on Saturday 1/12/2019.



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