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I felt like I didn’t “accomplish” anything today, but DW reminded me of the meaningful conversations I had, and those are ministry.

PC gave me an update on her daughter whom I’ve been praying for. PTL He is at work though prayer is not completely answered, yet.

HB shared about her situation and now I know how to pray and encourage her more. Her struggles are similar to mine and I can relate.

I asked JG to help me with a project.

DW and I talked about how we can better support the young married couples.

Enjoyed starting Amy on her Konmarie. I don’t have the guts to do drastic decluttering, yet, but I promise I will. I want to start with my books and papers, but Konmarie says to start with clothes and I don’t need to declutter clothes, at least I don’t think I do…I think I’m pretty good at not accumulating clothes and only keeping what sparks joy. But then again, my closet is busting at the seams.

Didn’t keep my appointment to read today. I want to finish a book by next week.

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