Renewing my drivers license means a trip to the dreaded DMV.

I arrived at 10am for my 10:20am appointment. I left at 11:18am. At least I found a parking space without circling around.

Words of advice: make an appointment, get there early, make sure you read the instructions on the website and follow everything to a T, bring all your documents, they don’t take credit card, have your confirmation number ready, wait patiently, be nice to the workers because I can tell they are trying their best, but it’s a tedious job. It’s not their fault, it’s our law-makers who built this bureaucracy. Everyone there looks unhappy except for the lady taking the picture. She said hi to me with a big smile. Maybe that’s the only station where customers are happy because it means they are almost done and outa there.

Met David and Helen, missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya for the last 6 years. They are second career missionaries, David was an aerospace engineer, Helen was a med tech. They went when their daughters were 14 and 9. I am inspired by people who are willing to take a risk and go in obedience to God.


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