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I am very thankful for VW, a faithful and loving children ministry servant who comes at 8:30am to pray with me to start off the day. She’s been leading the preschool ministry for at least 20 years, before she was married and had kids herself! I wasn’t even interested in children ministry until I had my own kids!

Serendipitous conversations with F who said she wants to help in Awana! I don’t usually talk to her nor did I ask if she wants to help. God provides people to do His work, I have no doubt. Then I ran into MW whose mother just passed away. She remembered that I was praying for her parents and we had a nice chat. I didn’t go to the funeral because I don’t like funerals. I can’t handle the sadness of lost. Her son B used to be in my department as a 5th grader, now in 11th grade. Time flies as they say, and it’s true.

Had a good time with the children in Children Worship. I do love to preach the Sunday message, because there is so much in God’s Word that I want to share with them. I now know why pastors love to preach to their own congregation and is protective of their pulpit. I will miss the 5th graders when they move up to Youth. I think I say that about every 5th grade class.

(posted on Monday 1/7/2019)


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