I am talking to a friend about where she plays tennis, I’d like to join her.

“What do you wear to play?” she asks.

“T-shirt and shorts, is that ok?” Why does she want to know what I wear??

Then I hear a vibrate noise and I check my phone – but it’s not my phone, no one is calling me.

My friend leaves, annoyed that I checked my phone while talking to her.

Where is that vibrating coming from?

I check my pager – yeah I know, I have a pager, in my pocket. It’s not buzzing.

I check other devices I have, no buzzing on any of them.

Next thing you know, I’m back home in bed and my husband says, “Check the massage bed control.” Nope, massage bed is not on. Wait, I have a massage bed?

Husband says, “Check your alarm.” Oh, my alarm is going off…I’m suppose to wake up…

Ah…time to wake up! LOL

Interesting how reality gets incorporated into a dream.

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