This book is under the J section of the library – for Juvenile. My friend used this historical fiction in homeschooling her sons. I read it to consider using the book to teach English in Taiwan.

The historical setting is in the days of Jesus. These are a few short conversations between the main characters and Jesus, and I think they are in line with what Jesus might have said. I wouldn’t say it’s heretical to put those words in Jesus’ mouth for the sake of a fictional story.

The story gave me some insight into the Jews’ experience of oppression under the Romans and the hatred they live with daily. I understand more about the Zealots. It even helped me understand more about the ministry of Jesus.

However, I don’t think I can use the book to teach English in Taiwan. It’s too hard to explain all the context with someone with zero background in Christianity¬†and low level English.



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  1. Aaron Says:

    The historical setting seems like a very interesting premise!

  2. Aaron Says:

    John Piper did the same thing where he wrote some short stories/ poems set in Biblical times and centered around Biblical stories.

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