There were many highlights from our Taiwan trip, here are just a few thoughts, not in any particular order:

First day we landed at 6am, typhoon Megi hit at around noon. So much for the vision trip to Hualien Mennonite hospital – all trains were cancelled!

We stored up with instant food from 7-11 conveniently next to our hotel in Taipei and holed up there all day. The highlight was watching the street from our 4th story window of trees bending low and occasional people getting on and off the bus. Yes, people were still out there. Stacy and I wanted to get the full experience, so we ventured out of the front door to get a feel of the wind and rain. Unlike what you see in the movies, it wasn’t strong enough to push us backwards. But then we were pretty protected between tall buildings.

The 3rd day when the all clear signal was given, the streets were packed with people – the typical sight of the Asia we know and love. Our hotel was across from the Main Train Station, so we were able to walk to food and shops. The underground network of trains and shops was amazing. We didn’t have to go above ground for anything if we didn’t want to (much like Tokyo).

Talked to Linda, a 38-year-old single missionary from Australia. She’s been in Taiwan for 6 years. I asked if she struggled with coming back to Taiwan after her home assignment 4 years ago. She said, “Of course, every day!” But she obeyed God and is happy that she did come back to Taiwan. Yes, missionaries struggle too.

Passing out flyers to invite students to our English conversation group, I had one more flyer to give out. I asked God to lead me to someone. Then I spotted a girl sitting by herself. Her name is Chia. She said she would come, but I wasn’t confident that she’d actually come. But she did come and stayed for quite a while. Then I saw her a week later at the Rachel Liang concert crusade. After I came home, I got a text from the 1-year missionaries that she’s been back to the cafe and they’ve been meeting up with her. Praying for her salvation!

Dora is a local church member who volunteers at National United University. She came to Christ as a college student. Due to her own struggle overcoming depression, she has a heart for students to know Christ. She has 2 young children, her daughter is only a few months old. A church members takes care of her children while she comes to the campus once a week to meet with students that she has befriended.

We happened to talked to one of the students at the cafe that Dora meets with. She accepted Christ when our team member shared with her. She texted Dora that she was excited that it’s the 4th time she’s met Christians! Dora was a sower and we get to be reapers!

After giving my first message and altar call on the night of the first crusade, I felt a bit discouraged because right after the altar call, the MC started a raffle drawing, the entire mood was changed and it seemed the gospel didn’t make much difference. As I talked in the back with the interpreter, he said, “It’s never a bad thing when the gospel goes out.” We prayed together and once again affirmed that it’s not our efforts, but God who works to change lives.

Prayer walking helped me to develop my heart to see the world as God sees. I should do more prayer walking here, not just on mission trips.

I decided I like Chinese food now. I used to say I’m ok with Chinese food, but now I’ll say I like it. But only the Chinese food in Taiwan!

We met several couples on campus where the girl is a Christian and the guy is not. Being that it’s rare to be a Christian, it is probably pretty hard to find a Christian guy. Pray that those who become Christians will be able to find Christian spouses.



2 Responses to “Highlights on Taiwan”

  1. Aaron Says:

    These are great! It’s amazing how connections can be made in such little time. Also, thanks for sharing the truthfulness about being discouraged because of the raffle and about the typhoon. Even acknowledging that the work is not finished with Chia and with the couples where one out of the two is Christian helps me feel the burden. Praying for salvation and the seeds that you sowed!

  2. Joyful Says:

    Yes! I used to think short termers do not make much difference. We actually can’t but we miss out on the follow up and seeing the seed grow.