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God reminded me again that He provides for all we need.

Our Taiwan short term mission team do not have musicians – no song leader, no guitar player who can lead in worship.

One of our assignments for 4 days is to run the program for children at a missionary’s retreat. We need worship and singing!

Today, God provided with teens who will be there to lead the children with singing. And not only that, they are willing to lead games and do skits. That takes a load off of us!

This provision, though seemingly small, gives me much comfort as I’ve been anxious about this trip. It reminds me that God is in control. He has all the resources beyond what I can imagine. He calls the Body of Christ internationally to work together.

I need to pray and trust that all will be well. I am not in control and I don’t need to be. He is in control. This is a continuing lesson is my life, in the life of every Christian. We think we can take care of things. But Jesus says “blessed are the poor in spirit”. If I come to God empty, He will fill me. If I come full of myself, He cannot show me what He can do.

Thank you, God for taking charge and showing me your glory.

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