For some reason, every dream I have about going to the bathroom is a bad dream. I’ve had dreams of bathrooms that are filthy, flooded, with weird shaped toilets, with too many people around, with no doors, with doors that do not lock, with multiple doors that pop open, in a creepy basement, in an old shack on a cliff, in a maze that I can’t find…

Last night, my nightmare bathroom was full of spiders! I was sitting on the toilet fighting off spiders in my hair and crawling up my leg! And I’m allergic to spiders, I said in my dream. (I’m not in real life. I just don’t like them!)

In the meantime, my senior pastor is waiting for me outside in the car to take a group of us to the market. After my ordeal in the bathroom, I went to his Hummer with an open top, apologizing for taking so long, and he was perfectly patient and smiled as he usually does in real life.

I don’t look forward to the next bathroom nightmare.

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  1. Aaron Says:

    This is so silly! I’ve had my share of dreams. Nothing recurring.

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