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July 7, 2013 Saturday – Las Vegas & Home

We’ve come full circle and our last stop is back to Las Vegas in time for a late lunch.

Foodnetwork took us to The Egg & I featured on Rachael Ray. I had the pesto with eggs. Muffins were delicious! 4.5 stars.

Across the street we sighted our favorite store – Goodwill Thrift Store!

Two hours later with 2 bags of goods, we began our 4-hour drive home that took almost 6 hours due to traffic.

Fortunately with our Prius we don’t feel bad about idling in traffic, and it lengthens our vacation a bit longer.

It was past 9pm when we got back to Walnut, CA and we were hungry. The default in our area is Chinese food.

Usually we go to Sam Woo, but a rival for Cantonese food The Noodle opened not too long ago. We decided to try that. Got some take-out and enjoyed our last meal of our vacation in the comfort of our own home. 4 stars for the food, 5 stars for the relaxing atmosphere at home.

One last thing for the record – on our drive back from Zion, we stopped in the middle of nowhere for a bathroom stop at Dairy Queen. There was a small “Petting Zoo” next to the parking lot, and there [fenced separately] was a zebra. It’s true, my eyes did not deceive me.  My family verified that it was a real zebra. Very random indeed!

They say there is no place like home, but for me, home is where my family is. Anywhere I travel with my family, it’s home.

Next year vacation – maybe outside of the U.S.





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  1. Aaron Says:

    Very nice post with a great message at the end haha. Vacation outside the US sounds great! And it’s good to have you back 🙂