July 4, 2013 Thursday – La Caille

If you think La Caille looks like a Thomas Kincaid painting, you are right. It is a beautiful venue for a wedding with swans and peacocks and everything picturesque.

The temperature cooled to 90F in the late afternoon, and though we were sitting in the sun for the outdoor ceremony, you just can’t complain when the occasion is a lovely wedding. Several of our friends flew in for the day, a few we haven’t seen for several years. Weddings [and funerals] are an occasion for a reunion.

On our drive back to the hotel, we saw a few fireworks at a distance. Happy Birthday, USA!

July 5 – Friday Hurricane, Utah

The Springhill where we stayed serves a very good full and free breakfast – biscuit and gravy, muffins, cereal, fruit, etc. Our friends came from their hotel to join us.

Then we went together to Antelope Island on the Salt Lake.

Salt Lake is indeed salty, and stinky. Lots of sea gulls come to feed (on the brine shrimp in the lake) and breed. I mean LOTS of sea gulls which make a pretty big mess, resulting in lots of flies, and stink! Nevertheless we walked into the water, and it was very warm.

We were hoping to sight a buffalo (or bison), and we did see one on the side of the road, that was pretty exciting. We were able to see a herd far away, which looked like a herd of cows, which was not very exciting. But still, now I can say I’ve seen a live bison herd, and ate a bison burger! At $10.99 a burger, this is probably the last time I’d eat one. At least it was good.

Drove to Hurricane outside of Zion National Park to prepare for a day of outdoor activities tomorrow.


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  1. Aaron Says:

    lol at the expensive burger.