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July 4, 2013 Thursday – Draper, Utah

Thank you for coming along with me on my vacation. These blog posts are dragging on and on…

Finally we are here in Draper, Utah, the reason why we are on this road trip.

July 4 is the date of the wedding of our good friends. I’ve known the bride since she was little, I was her college and young adult Sunday School teacher, and as she grew up we served together at church; her father has been my pastor for many years. We’ve gone through various stages of life together.

And for a destination wedding she picks July 4 in Utah with 105F+ weather for her outdoor wedding…

Since the wedding was at 5pm, we met up with friends in the morning and went to Timpanogos Caves. If we drove all this way to Utah just to see the caves, it would be worth it. It was a beautiful walk up to the caves (a slow almost 1 hour, 1.5 miles incline) and we had the funniest and most enthusiastic ranger guide (Nancy) that made the visit even more enjoyable. She’s been doing this for 21 years and her love for the caves had not waned.

Sandwiches (french dip) for lunch at Kneaders, and for dessert, the 8 of us split ONE cannnoli – that’s the Chinese way!

We make one more stop before we go back to the hotel to change for the wedding and I must tell you about the most amazing serendipitous thing that happened…

Peppermint Place candy store, in addition to selling candy, makes personalized lollipops. In a discounted bin of lollipops for 10 cents each, we find “rejects” with random company names and pictures of couples who had personalized lollipops made for their wedding, 2012.

And in this bin, what do we find?? Hold on to your hats…

We find Walnut High School lollipops with the mustang mascot printed on it! That’s where my children went to school! It’s 1/2 a mile from my house in the sleepy suburb of Walnut, population 35,000. And it’s 700+ miles away from Utah! The person there did not know what prompted the printing of WHS lollipops, but now I’ve got 4 of them.

Next up, wedding at La Caille.




4 Responses to “Day 9”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Wow how crazy! Glad you guys finally made it to Utah haha.

  2. Joyful Says:

    Yeah. And there were no other high school lollipops in the bin.

  3. laurie Says:

    This is a lovely description of your holiday….I mean vacation!

  4. Joyful Says:

    It is both a vacation and a holiday – Independence Day for us, Laurie. Sorry about that 🙂