God has called me to leave a church that I didn’t want to leave, to take on a job that I never imagined I would do, and begin a new phase of my life that I wasn’t expecting.

Two years ago, I started praying about what I would do when my youngest child goes off to college. Intrigued by my son’s way of life of travel while working online, I thought that would be fun too and wanted to explore that possibility. To be honest, I didn’t put much effort to trying to make money online, but the adventurous idea of traveling seemed good. I wanted my life to be free to do whatever I wanted. No ties, no particular responsibilities, I can go anywhere to serve God. I romanticized the idea of living overseas for a time and serve God in a new adventure.

But that is not to be, not now at least.

I can’t explain all the reasons but I (meaning my husband and I and our kids) felt led to leave our church of 20+years. We shed tears of regret, yet we knew it was somehow “right”.

Immediately after that, I was asked to apply for a staff position as Children Director at a nearby church. This church was the last church on my list of churches I wanted to attend, not because it isn’t a good church, but because I thought my personality and philosophy of ministry wouldn’t be a good fit.

The end of that story is on January 1, I began the job of Children Director at this church. It was truly a God calling because it certainly wasn’t something I was seeking. I had so many reasons for not wanting this. I had always said no church can pay me enough to add pressure to do what I would do voluntarily. I don’t need the money, I don’t want the stress, I am too old to start a new job, I want to help plant a church instead of being in a big church, I want to go overseas…many good reasons, yet…here I am.

God is so very gracious to me. When I don’t know what is best, he leads me to what he knows to be the best. Where else would I find a church that would pay me for doing something I love doing? How else would I be offered a position even though at the interview I honestly said I am not sure I want this job? How else would it be possible that at just the right time of the empty nest that I be given the opportunity to do what I went to school for 30 years ago?

My challenge this year, 2012 is to let God lead. I need to look to him for direction for the children ministry, look to him to show me who I can bring alongside as helpers and disciplees, look to him to give me wisdom in tough decisions, strength when I am stressed, peace when I am anxious.

As always, when we are placed to serve others, God grows us first on the inside to enable us to serve others outside. That’s what I am anticipating in 2012.

2 Responses to “New Year, new church, new job”

  1. Nat Says:

    Amen! And hope you’re all thriving there. 🙂

  2. Joyful Says:

    We’re doing ok, it takes a little time.