This book is a touching testimony of a woman who unknowingly married a high ranking member of the Mafia.

Michael Franzese and Camille Garcia met while she was a dancer in a movie he was producing. Raised by a very devoted Christian mother, Cammy’s faith in God was made real to her through the trials she went through as her husband was imprisoned twice. The book, “This Thing of Ours” gives details of how she raised four children while remaining a loving wife to Michael. Her prayers and influence brought her husband to change and quit his life of crime. She is very honest and candid in talking about her own failings, as well as the troubles with their children that resulted from Michael’s past. She gives very good marriage advice and her emphasis on prayer is very inspirational.

It would probably make more sense to read Cammy’s husband’s testimony first, “Blood Covenant”, to know the background. Without an understanding of Michael’s true mafia involvement, you cannot appreciate what Cammy went through because this book does not give much information about the mafia involvement. Her story seems very tame, but of course, this is her story, not his, and she was spared from the any mafia activity.

Disclosure:  Thomas Nelson provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for this review. Opinions are entirely my own.

One Response to “This Thing of Ours by Cammy Franzese”

  1. J. Harris Says:

    I have always been fascinated with OC crime figures and stories. I had read about Michael F gasoline tax scheme years ago. I read how he did time in Terminal Island in Cali and how he and his wife met. He was a true Mafioso.
    I recently saw his motivational speech, going over his life and how drastically his life had changed with the help of God. Im going through my own trials and tribulations with a drug addiction and have began praying very hard (I dont know what else to do, Rehab never worked).
    I truly feel and believe that if God could pull Michael F from his demons then God can and will help me overcome my own demons. Im scared and in spiritual pain but I have to have faith and hold on. Michael’s story was amazing and with hearing his victory, it gives me great hope I will receive mine as well.