Read this definition of discipleship from church: Intentionally imitating Christ and reproducing increasing Christlikeness in others through caring relationships that practice accountability. Various forms of discipleship: Family (parents and children), One-on-one/mentoring; Biblical counseling (issue-specific); Evangelism (from unbeliever to a believer); Sermons (being discipled by the Word); Sunday School (being discipled by the Word); Small group […]

I have a friend name Iscah. I thought it’s a made up name, but yesterday I read it in the Bible. Iscah is the daughter of Haran; Haran is Abraham’s brother, that makes Iscah Abraham’s niece. (Gen 11:29). Her brother is Lot, who traveled to Canaan with Abraham. Though she is only mentioned one time […]

This book has given me a whole new way of thinking about world missions. K.P. Yahannan, an Indian (from India) writes about the vision God called him to, and the reasons for that vision. The mission organization he started, Gospel for Asia has the distinctive of supporting national missionaries rather than sending missionaries overseas. He […]

Kayaking was not on my bucket list, but since I went for the first time on Saturday, I decided it deserved to be put on the list so I can check it off. Wonderful fun friends and our family drove 2 hours to San Diego to kayak around some caves. I was hesitant to go […]