stored in: My dreams

I dreamt last night that I was having a baby. My water broke but the baby wasn’t coming out.

Then I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. A full bladder probably explained why I had that dream.

If I had to do it again, I would plan my life to adopt a child after I had my own. I’ve had fleeting thoughts of adopting, but it was more just wishful thinking without intentional planning.

I thought adoption was only for women who could not have their own biological children. So when I thought of adopting, I did not let the idea take root because I thought it was ridiculous to adopt since I was rather fertile in being able to conceive my own children. But recently, I met a few families who are in the process of adopting or have adopted after having their own children. I also have been listening to Family Life and Dennis Rainey is very big on adoption; his own family has 4 biological children and 1 adopted child – and he can’t remember which one is adopted, he says.

I would’ve wanted to adopt a little African baby with cute tight curls and long eye lashes, and give him a name that sounds Chinese like Bruce Lee  🙂

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