NAACP Los Angeles President Alice Huffman Sells Out Black Families
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October 30, 2008
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LOS ANGELES, CA – Campaign finance records reveal that Alice Huffman, President of the California State NAACP, the only major African American leader in California to endorse legalized gay marriage, has received nearly $200,000 from the NO on 8 campaign in “fees” through her company AC Public Affairs.

African American leaders throughout California were shocked when Huffman, as a member of the NAACP Board, endorsed the No on 8 campaign despite the statewide, unified voices of African American political and religious leaders in support of traditional marriage. Huffman has never taken a vote of NAACP chapters and members, which is customary before endorsing any state measure or proposition. Records show that Alice Huffman, through her AC Public Affairs Company, received $100,000 from NO on 8 on October 2nd of 2008 and another $98,000 on the 14th of October 2008.

Trina Williams, Vice President of Inglewood’s NAACP Chapter, said today that “no endorsement of ANY proposition is ever authorized without a resolution, a vote, and a majority vote of its members.” Williams indicated that to date, “the Inglewood NAACP has yet to receive any word from the national organization telling us to vote NO on Proposition 8.” Huffman appears in print advertising and mailers for NO on 8 along with one or two civil rights leaders supporting NO on Proposition 8.

“Alice Huffman has used her position without support of the vast majority of African American people and interfaith leaders in our communities in Los Angeles or California. It is very disappointing and misleading to say that she is representing the African American community or the NAACP, which is and has always been passionately in support of traditional marriage and traditional families,” said Williams.

Huffman claims to have taken a vote of the “executive board” of the state NAACP, but would still have a conflict of interest in the matter having taken two hundred thousand dollars from the No on 8 campaign. According to an article in the January 18th 2008 edition of the Sacramento Bee Huffman said, “Campaigning and politics is my livelihood….that’s how I make my money to buy my Gucci handbags and other things that enhance my standard of living.”

Black leaders in Los Angeles, including Trina Williams and the interfaith ministers from the large African American congregations in Los Angeles, including Zoe Christian Fellowship, are calling for a national investigation of Alice Huffman’s dealings with the No on 8 campaign.

African American voters formed the largest supportive voting block for traditional marriage when it was on the ballot in California in 2000. Political experts anticipate that the African American vote will weigh in heavily on Tuesday, November 4th, thanks to the candidacy of Barack Obama. YES on Proposition 8 expects the turnout to be very helpful to its campaign.

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    […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onNAACP Los Angeles President Alice Huffman Sells Out Black FamiliesHere’s a quick excerptLOS ANGELES, CA – Campaign finance records reveal that Alice Huffman, President of the California State NAACP, the only major African American leader in California to endorse legalized gay marriage, has received nearly $200000 from the … […]

  2. Tahlib Disney-Britton Says:

    Doing the right thing is seldom the most popular thing to do, but in not being silent, Alice Huffman isn’t alone. In fact, she is on the side of dozens of African American leaders in California (See list below) as well as celebrities like Samuel Jackson and ministers such as Rev. Dr. Amos Brown of Third Baptist Church. Opponents of equality put out this press release to spread lies because African American support is growing.

    * U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama
    * California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass
    * City of Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums
    * City of Sacramento Mayoral Candidate Kevin Johnson
    * California State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas
    * United States Representative Barbara Lee
    * California Assemblymember Mike Davis
    * California Assemblymember Mervyn Dymally
    * California Assemblymember Curren Price, Jr.
    * California Assemblymember Sandre Swanson
    * County of Los Angeles Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke
    * City and County of San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell
    * City and County of San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris
    * California NAACP
    * Greater Sacramento Urban League
    * National Black Justice Coalition
    * National Black Police Association
    * National Congress of Black Women
    * Black American Political Association of California
    * Los Angeles African American Women Political Action Committee

  3. Joyful Says:

    Alice Huffman can certainly speak for herself, but Is it ok to represent NAACP without the group’s consent? After receiving money for it?

  4. Tahlib Disney-Britton Says:

    The NAACP representatives voted. Most recently at the state conference the weekend of Oct. 25. We elect representatives to make the right decisons. Sometimes those aren’t the most popular but in this case, it was the right one.

  5. DustyRoads Says:

    Marriage is between a Man & Woman contrary to Ms. Huffman’s opinion and position she has hurl herself into another controvery. It appears Ms.Huffman realish the lime-light as in her controversial endorsement of presidential candidate ‘Hillary Clinton’ knowing fully well she was violating National Organization rules, but she did it anyway. It has become appearent that Ms. Huffman has a large ego that gets in the way of good common sense which puts her effectiveness could be in serious question as to who does she really represent…The Gucci bag lifestyle or the black community?
    Black community need leaders who will respect the opinion and rights of those who they claim to represent. Am sure not everyone in Ms.Huffman’s State Conference agreed with her position or (s), although she didn’t bother to mention those whom were in opposition!
    Time has come for Ms. Huffman to consider the damaging controversies she has engaged herself in and resign for the betterment of the entire organization. NAACP need to get back to the business of civil rights and being the voice for people who are without any. Black leaders should not promote and endorsing ‘Sin’ and hopeless ideologies and criminals elements who destroy our communities.
    Ms. Huffman has become apart of the problem instead of the solution in my opinion, again she has endorsed another issue Prop 19. Legalizing Marijiuana for recreational drug use! How do this help lift up the black community? How much are they paying you Ms. Huffman for your endorsement of more “SIN”?????
    Where is the educational values in selling drugs Ms.Huffman?
    NAACP need to get back into the business of protecting the rights of minority citizens…their ship has been off course every since Dr. King died.
    TIME FOR YOU TO RESIGN..Enough! is Enough!
    I stand with the Clergy on this one, you have sold your effectiveness in representing the black communities in this state.