I don’t get out much.

The only time we go places is to meet up with friends and relatives.

My cousin was here from Hong Kong, and I ate out more last week with my cousin than the last 6 months combined.

We had crepes at the Farmer’s Market, sushi in Claremont, pasta at Cheesecake Factory, salad and pizza at the California Pizza Kitchen. The tiramisu at CPK was delicious. One order was enough for the 6 of us. Just a taste was enough to satisfy my taste buds.

We went to the Grove right next to the Farmer’s Market.

My daughter bought a shirt from Forever 21. We had yogurt at Pinkberry’s.

Three days later, I went with my cousin to the Grove in Glendale.

I bought a pair of pants from Forever 21. There was a Pinkberry’s there too.

Deja vu…

It’s nice to get out once in a while. Now it’s back to normal life. And that’s nice too.

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