Here are 10 highlights from this week of VeggieTales VBS at our church, not in any order:

1. As part of the Bible story theater, the children saw a dramatization of Jesus walking on water. “Wow! Who can that be?” the leader asked the kids. Amazingly, the kids answered correctly – Jesus. “Jesus” is a Chinese guy wearing a white plastic table cloth with some kind of blue cloth strapped around him, walking on chairs with blue cloth draped over them. You gotta have a vivid imagination here at VBS!

2. Our song leader doing the robot and the washing machine dance…

3. A heart-warming appreciation note and a gift card to Applebee’s for me. Thanks, S.

4. Hanging out at church with E, K and others afterwards, eating junk food, doing crafty things 🙂

5. Watching a 12-year-old take on a leadership role and doing an awesome job leading the games.

6. Bigger than life Larry – the biggest cucumber you’ve ever seen! Don’t even think about cucumber sandwiches!

7. “What did you like best about VBS?” I asked one of the boys. “The food!”

8. A little girl said, “I’m coming back next year!”

9. Seventeen children prayed for Jesus to come into their heart. I know God will honor their decision and will solidify their decision as they get older.

10. Dean comes through with snow cones for us once again – an annual tradition. Jacob made me one that tasted like it had 50% syrup!!

Oh, and one more – exceeding the number of kids I was expecting. Thank you God for good times.

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