The Pevensie children in Narnia had to Do Hard Things.

They fought, they bled, they were chased, they faced huge problems of national proportions, they even had to face near death.

Yet they loved going to Narnia. It was adventure. It was challenging. It was not the usual stuff they do everyday.

They had a purpose. They were fighting for a cause. They had a chance to help people and make an impact.

All the benefits come with Doing Hard Things.

I am reading Do Hard Things. I hate to admit that I am learning so much from a couple of teenagers, but the truth is, it is well-written, insightful, and inspiring. I am not finished reading it yet. But yesterday, after watching Prince Caspian (3 thumbs up!), I thought about the role of the children as portrayed by C.S. Lewis.

The 4 Pevensie‘s were called to Do Hard Things. They had to do things like adults. Yet at their age, they can rise up to the occasion.

I know, it’s only fiction. But if you read Do Hard Things, you will be challenged to take on challenges no matter what your age.

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  1. Anthony Feng Says:

    Can I borrow the book after you’re finished? Maybe for my hike?

  2. Joyful Says:

    Elliot bought 2 copies to support their ministry. He finished reading it already. You can take his.

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