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Me: Hey, Amy, guess what?? Alex Trebek had a heart attack!!

Amy: I know already. It happened yesterday and it was minor.

Elliot: Probably within one hour everyone knew.

Wow! Amy doesn’t know who our Vice President is, but she knows when Alex Trebek has a minor heart attack.

Alex Trebek is indeed an icon of our generation, actually spanning 2 generations. I grew up with Jeopardy when Alex Trebek had dark hair and a mustache. Now my kids watch him on Jeopardy and he hasn’t changed a bit. He looks even smarter with his white hair.

“The answer is…” and that little tune for final Jeopardy is so much a part of our culture. That show is the hardest game show ever (I consider myself smart if I am able to get 5 questions right) and the one with the least potential for earning money, yet, people are lining up to get on it, and we love watching it.

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