I was inspired by EK to blog my dreams.

There is a reoccurring theme in a few of my dreams:

I would go into a house that is either our own house or one that we are considering buying. When I enter the bedrooms, there are secret rooms behind those rooms. The house turns out to be a huge house when I originally thought it was just a small house. The feeling from these dreams is one of elation! Now every one can have their own bedroom and we would have rooms for for our junk!

In one of those dreams, the house turns out to have a big front yard, and I said in my dream, “Now I can have big parties here for my friends.”

When I wake up, I want to do a remodeling project at our house.

Just this Sunday, I shared in Sunday School that I wouldn’t want to waste money on a big house even if I had the money.  My dreams are perhaps revealing my subconscious that I do want a big house, but my convictions will never allow me to spend that kind of money. I’d rather give it to some worthy cause.

One Response to “Reoccurring Dream”

  1. EK Says:

    This is cool! I am happy that I could inspire you:-) In my diary, I have posted only one dream:-D I think I will add some more..If you have any suggestions please tell me ok?:-)